Front of a home with bushes in the winter

Since Stover Landscaping’s inception, we have been and continue to be responsible for snow removal, ice management, and sanding/salting services for high-volume commercial properties, as well as for smaller commercial sites and residential properties throughout Kingston and the surrounding areas. 

We fully understand how important it is to maintain your property during the winter months, and that is why we ensure that staff is on call and available 24/7 for any and all required clean-ups and sanding or salting services. 

Safety and accessibility are a top priority and to ensure these priorities are met, Stover Landscaping takes great pride in maintaining an effective and efficient response. Within the first hour of the first snowflakes, we are ready to go. Whether you need plowing or sanding, we will be there to ensure your routes and mobility remain active in the winter season.

Winter Property Maintenance

Winter weather in Kingston can create a wide range of obstacles. But these obstacles should not get in your way. Trust in Stover Landscaping’s years of experience and expertise in winter maintenance. And with our commitment to protecting the environment, you can be sure that we will always do our best to implement and use the safest and most environmentally friendly procedures at all times without compromising our quality care, affordable prices, and customer service.

Plowing snow on a snowy day

Snow Removal

A major part of winter maintenance is snow removal. The function and accessibility of your business or property depends on it. 

Stover Landscaping understands that significant snowfall doesn’t only happy during regular business hours and that is why our staff is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keep your parking lots, laneways, and walkways clean and clear.

Snowy day with a truck salting the road


Safety is non-negotiable and ice buildup can be unavoidable. Trust Stover Landscaping to sand or salt your steps and walks to prevent slips and falls and maintain safe access to your business or property.

Client Satisfaction is #1

We take our client relationships very seriously and that is why we have been able to maintain and grow relationships with loyal clients over our decades in operation. 

At Stover Landscaping, we strive to not only satisfy client expectations but to exceed them at every opportunity.