Hand feeling freshly cut grass

Lawncare Services

We provide a full range of lawncare services to keep your commercial or residential property thriving. These services include a clean-up in both the Spring and Fall seasons, aeration, organic fertilization, leaf removal services, and top-dress and over-seed.

Landscaping design - master plan coloured drawing

Landscape Design, Installation & repair

At Stover Landscaping, we pride ourselves on delivering creative, innovative landscape design to all of our clients. 

Eye-catching landscaping begins with the design and is executed by our experienced installation team. Whether your property needs a new design or a repair to the current one, we should be your first call.


Planting Services

From new perennials and annuals to trees and shrubs, a major part of landscaping is getting the plants in the ground. 

With our planting services, we will do the hard part for you!

Worker wearing blue gloves while unrolling strips of grass

Sod Installation

A gorgeous green lawn begins with proper sod installation. Our professional team will remove old grass and weeds, grade the lawn for proper drainage and install the new sod following industry best practices.

Freshly landscaped lawn and bushes

Tree, Shrub and Bush Services

The trees, shrubs, and bushes on your property require their own specialized maintenance. From pruning to trimming and winterization, our team can keep these landscaping features healthy.

Garden with retaining wall with a wrap around stone walk way

Hardscaping, Pavers and Retaining Walls

The non-living hard elements of your outdoor space play a significant role in landscape design. Retaining walls and hardscaping features like pavers and pathways can transform your yard into a perfect oasis. Our team has the knowledge to create that ideal escape from the everyday.

Plowing snow on a snowy day

Snow Removal

Snowfall can impact the accessibility and safety of your property. Our staff is on call around the clock to remove the snow and keep your business or property free and clear.

Snowy day with a truck salting the road

Salt and Sand for Icing

Icy, slippery surfaces are a part of Canadian winters. Minimize the risk and keep your family, patrons, clients, or tenants, safer with our salt and sanding services.

Man landscaping

Gardening & Planting Services

Envisioning, planting, and maintaining a garden is a lot of work. Let Stover Landscaping take that work off your hands. We will open the garden in the Spring, close it in the Fall, weed, mulch, prune, and fully winterize.

Man cutting the grass

Summer and Winter Weekly Maintenance

Our weekly maintenance packages ensure your outdoor space looks its best all year long. 

We will cut and trim the grass and do any necessary weeding and edging. We will perform general site clean up, keeping your property free from unsightly debris.